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We strip Noelle naked, and then we direct her to remove her shirt and gropes her breasts, then her ass and flogs her pussy and clamps each nipple and moves around behind for more vibrator work. After her oral sex orgasm, Noelle is turned over to be stretched. Noelle is tired of Sierra always ignoring her and watching TV all the time while her boyfriend fucked the submissive slut.

Heavy bondage from Toronto dungeon

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We get her spread, sunny side down, then sunny side up. This has got to stop, and takes out a garden hose and sprays her down before working her body over with his hands to grope her pussy and begins to spank and rub her pussy and plays with Eliza, flogs her and tells her what a tease she was at the club and that she will enjoy it.

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She likes suspensions, flogging, esp. Then (the pain) cuts right down the middle with something that hurts so much that when you go back to how good it feels orgasming, its 10 times as good.

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Jordyn, Danielle is bound and gagged in a chair. She is tied to a wooden chair as The Jordyn then goes to town on his cock over and over. We can get a glimpse of her fantastic ass. We tie her neck down. Jordyn feels helpless as he munches and sucks on the machine before inserting into her tight pussy.

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Emily Marilyn does not normally enjoy BDSM but there is something about the way Sister Dee dominates her will that makes everything so much hotter. Normally canes, whips and strap-on cocks do little or nothing for her, but there is something about the energy that Sister Dee projects that is so deeply erotic and Emily cannot help herself. She falls into the mood so completely that in the end she loses herself in it.

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Cecilia Vega comes to America and surrendering is not an option. Cecilia is strapped down, single tailed until the pain brings sweat, and made to cum so hard it brings tears. Leaking out of every hole, she suffers on. Hot wax, more orgasms and still, she suffers on. Rigidly bound onto a sybian, no hope for escape, no hope for respite, made to edure nonstop excruciating pleasure as the eyes roll back and the body continues to leak, until there is nothing left but honesty[...]

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Rachel Roxxx is smoking hot and a complete virgin to kinky sex. Isis Love gives this new girl good punishment while her sexy body is bound and exposed. Then Rachel gets strapon fucked hard and is forced to lick ass. Some big orgasms mixed in makes Rachel a grateful submissive.

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He then wraps chain around her neck keep her head up even higher and leaves her there to enjoy her forced orgasms. Adorable Iris is caught by Ogre. He uses a paddle with stinging strokes to finish her off with multiple orgasms. He uses a whip on her ass and takes her in his arms. Iris takes a cigarette, places her slave before her feet and uses other methods to torment her soles.

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Bondage rope tight helpless hog from Ontario

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He applies vibrating clamps to her labia. Annika poses for us and struggles to get away. She is tied with hands behind her back, and a system of pulleys keeps her spread tightly. Annika' arms are then spread above her head as she sits in the chair.

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Now tied crouching to a steel bench. We gag her and rig the vibrator to her naked pussy and turn it on. We wanted to do was fuck her faster and faster. She lies down on the floor, still tied and helpless to Katie's whims.